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What if it was less about Not Drinking and more about showing up as the woman you want to be?

Wouldn't that feel a bit better?

What if you could...

1. FINally keep that promise

That promise to not drink as much. That promise to take care of your body. That promise to do that thing you've been wanting to do. All those promises swept away by booze.

2. Make Booze a non-factor in your life

Booze has become a staple in your life and in doing so is taking up way too much of your precious time, energy and mind space. Can you imagine a day where booze isn't an obstacle for your life?

3. Have the Clarity, Confidence and energy to do all the things you want

The goal isn't sobriety. Its all the things that come with it. It's not working against yourself and the things you want everyday. It's fueling your body with what it needs to do the things you want to do.


Sober•ish isn't a punishment. It's a power move.


No more days of grogginess, second-guessing and lack of focus. You'll get crystal clear on what you want and how to do it.


When you have a clear mind and the energy to back it up, the world is yours. Sober•ish is the missing self-development tool you need.


Booze keeps us stuck in the same thoughts, actions and situations. Once we create our new stories our world opens up in ways we never imagined.


The Sober•ish Experiment

Committing to sobriety for life or making a life-long declaration of sobriety is not for everyone especially when you aren't even totally sure what it can look like and feel like on the other side.

The Sober•ish Experiment is designed to help you give it a real shot. To help you uncover the whys of drinking and truly discover what life can look like when you make an empowered choice to choose you over alcohol and create your own sober•ish journey.

Over 12 weeks you are committing to be a woman who is ready to reclaim her relationship with alcohol in a way that is aligned to the woman you want to be. And in doing so we'll have fun and be in community with other amazing women who realize alcohol is not fueling the life they want.

You've been thinking about this for years. If not now, when?

Group Coaching

We will meet every Thursday evening for content and exercises to support your sober•ish journey along with open coaching for whatever support you need.

Weekly Reflection/Accountability

You'll receive tools to support you for reflection, accountability and planning.

Voxer Access

Since life happens outside the calls, I won't leave you hanging. You'll have Voxer support (an easy and cool communications app) between sessions.


And just so we're clear...

(Because we don't believe in wasting time)


  • You are a high achiever who has half-assed your sober•ish journey and are ready to give it a real shot. You know you deserve better.

  • You don't view yourself as someone with a drinking problem but are starting to realize you may have a problematic relationship with alcohol.

  • You are an empowered, independent woman who wants to create your own path to a sober•ish life, adding it as a tool to your powerful tool belt.


  • You want a quick fix or a little detox and then plan to go back to "normal".

  • You aren't willing to attempt sobriety for 8 weeks to truly feel the effects of a healthy body and mind.

  • You want to continue to let alcohol stand in the way of living the life you want.

get your sneak peek...

Here's how it all breaks down.

First of all, this program is designed to be fun and exploratory. If sober•ish is a drudge, what's the freaking point!

Over 12 weeks together you will emerge a different woman with Sober•ish being the first step to all you want and do it with other kick ass women.

We start February 8th at 7 pm CT and wrap up on April 25th with a Mocktail Party!

Let this be the year you do things differently and watch your life change.

Area of Focus #1

How Did I get Here & Where Do I WANT TO go

There's a reason you are drinking more than you would like and there's a reason you want to do things differently. Changes stick when they align with who we want to be. We'll start here.

  • Uncover the stories, beliefs and fears you've been telling yourself about alcohol and decide if they are true for this new version of you.

  • Audit your life and the values you are living by for pure alignment.

  • Envision the woman you want to be who once and for all has found freedom from alcohol.

Area of Focus #2

My So Called Sober•ish Life

What would life look like if booze wasn't a main character in your life? We'll not only create that but also put it into action over 8 weeks where you get to try out sobriety making it a bold power move.

  • Dive into the data of habits, triggers and opportunities.

  • Rewrite the stories you want to believe moving ahead.

  • With clarity and new data, what are the things in your life you need to address?

Area of Focus #3

Let's Rock your sober•ish LIfe

You're not going to want to leave our space and good news you don't have to, but it's time to take Sober•ish on the road.

  • Design your Sober•ish blue print for life outside the Experiment.

  • Compile your list of tools, mindset and ideas to take your Sober•ish life into the real world.

  • And the funnest part - What's next now that booze isn't robbing you?

Do Sober•ish Differently,

starting today!



DId you say wine?

I sure did!

I trust this process and the benefits so much that if you don't feel physically and mentally better after our time together and 53 days sober, Ill send you a $25 gift card to buy a bottle of wine!

nice to meet you

I'm Holly, your new Sober•ish Coach & Mentor

I’m here because I believe sobriety isn’t black and white.

I’m here because I was like you. I had an inkling of wanting to find freedom from alcohol but unsure how to do it in a way that felt aligned to who I was.

As a high-achieving, driven woman, I knew my drinking wasn’t aligned with the woman I wanted to be. It was becoming too hard to do the things I wanted to do and continue drinking the way I was.

Through awareness, vulnerability and curiosity I found the missing clue that led me to quit heavy drinking after decades of doing so.

I knew I had to pick me or booze and that decision changed everything.

It can change everything for you too.

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

What is Sober•ish?

Sober•ish is finding freedom from alcohol on your terms. It's choosing you over booze everyday. You get to define and live your version of sober•ish. One where you thrive!

FAQ image

How is this different than other programs?

In The Sober•ish Experiment we focus less on NOT drinking and more on creating a life where drinking is a non-factor. I use my experience of my own sober•ish journey along with years of being a certified coach to help you uncover success for you in your sober•ish journey.

Do I have to give up drinking?

I knew you would want to know this! I would as well. 50 days of our time together is going to be alcohol-free and then you'll embark on your sober•ish journey (however that looks for you!)

What should I expect on the coaching calls?

Every week we'll have a topic around creating your sober•ish life and time for open coaching calls. This means you'll have insights, ahas and the support of a certified coach for any areas you need support on.

Wait, My "birthday/anniversary/trip" falls during part of this. Can I have just one drink?

I get it life happens but we aim to not drink during these times. This is when you start to flex the sober•ish muscle and see how life can be without booze hazing up your important moments. You have done harder things than not drinking for 8 weeks. I've got you. You've got you.

I'm not sure if this is for me. How will I know?

That makes total sense but if there is an inkling this may be for you then I bet it is. However, I want you to feel AMAZING and fully committed to this decision so please feel free to book a call with me and we'll figure it out together.

IT'S YOUR TURN TO Find Freedom From AlcohoL

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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